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The Village of Luther was established in 1880 by Wilson, Luther & Wilson Lumbering Firm and was originally named Wilson. It was renamed Luther in 1881, when the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad built a station here during the big lumber boom. The town was organized as a village in 1881 and the original plat of Luther was recorded on March 13, 1882. The logging industry continued to be the major employer in the Luther area for many decades and had a major decline in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Click here for more Luther History.
The Village of Luther is located in the northeast part of Lake County Michigan. Luther has become a great tourist area, with State camp grounds, excellent fishing and hunting in the area. The Pine River is known for its trout fishing and exceptional canoeing; Silver Creek campground is located 6 miles north of Luther. The Little Manistee river runs through Luther starting as the Luther Millpond and Dam; it is known for its trout fishing and camping; Carrieville Campground 3 miles west of Luther. Lodging is available at Rockwell Lake Lodge and at Riverside Cabins west of Luther on Old M63.
There are many nice attractions in the Luther area, including the Luther Area Public Library, the Luther Area Museum, local parks, canoeing, hunting and fishing and many more great things to do in the area. There are two state campgrounds in the area along with ATV/snowmobile trails.

As part of new state government requirements to improve intergovernmental cooperation throughout state and local governments, the Village of Luther has developed this report to our residents. In order toreceive statutory revenue sharing payments, the Village is required to present a plan with one or moreproposals to increase its existing level of cooperation, collaboration, and consolidation, either within thejurisdiction or with other jurisdictions. The plan must also include a listing of any previous servicesconsolidated with the cost savings realized from each consolidation and an estimate of the potentialsavings for any new service consolidations being planned. Click on the following links to view our reports.

Citizens Guide

EVIP Cooperation, Collaboration and

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